intuitive healing

"You are not lost darling, you’re on your path back home"

LUNA = The earths moon in latin and “Goddess of the Moon” in Roman mythology

REI = Meaning spirit or divine energy in Japanese.

For me, Luna Rei is my higher self, she has evolved as I have gone through my own personal healing journey and spiritual awakening. She will be forever a work in progress. I believe that In order to offer the best support to others I will always be healing myself. As I can only take my clients as deep as I’ve gone myself.




My practice has evolved as I have gone through my own personal transformation. I firmly believe that I can only meet you as far as I have met myself. Over the past 9 years I have embarked on my own journey of healing and self-discovery, peeling back many layers of subconscious beliefs and conditioning. Has it been easy? No, but it’s been so worth it. Now I can show you it is possible too.





Amethyst and Rose Quartz too many to choose!


Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell


"I was lost. I didn't recognise the woman staring back at my in the mirror"

After what seemed like a lifetime (or many lifetimes!) not feeling as though I fit in, being ultra sensitive to other people’s emotions and often taking them on as my own. I was plagued with people pleasing traits and the theme of unworthiness has always reared its ugly head through every relationship, job and environment I have ever found myself in. I felt isolated and ultimately attracted relationships that left me physically, mentally and emotionally abused. I was lost. I didn’t recognise the woman staring back at me in the mirror and was very disconnected from myself. It felt painful to feel, so I shut off. I knew there was a little light inside of me but I just needed to dive deep inside myself and find it. Turns out a Reiki Healing session changed everything for me. For the first time in years, I could feel my heart opening, I was hooked. So much so I learned how to do it myself, my energy healing journey had begun. 


Fast forward a few years and through coming across another healing modality, Theta Healing™ I begun to work on my subconscious beliefs. Limiting beliefs that I had taken on as a child, opened myself up to soul healing, womb healing and reconnecting with my divine feminine energy. It is deep transformational work that has released layers of unworthiness issues, generational trauma, that has taken me from a sensitive overwhelmed soul to an empowered empath with purpose and passion. Doing the inner work, releasing, clearing and coming back into my body everything began to change. I began to reclaim my power and embodied the priestess path. I am so blessed to have experienced it as I am now here to support you through your own transformation, hold space for you and be a witness to your growth. To come home to yourself. Awaken the goddess within.


If this is beginning to resonate with you, I am here to tell you you’re not alone. It is time to heal your wounds, align with your truth and discover who you really are. My hope for you while working together you will begin to experience that same freedom that I feel. You owe it to yourself; you are worthy and deserving!